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Antenatal Workshops

GentleBirth Workshops

GentleBirth workshops are unique birth preparation antenatal classes that include brain training techniques as well as a complete antenatal program. The class focuses on Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Sports Psychology and Medical Hypnobirthing along with practical tools, information and techniques to prepare for the most positive birth possible.


Our focus is preparing you for the most positive birth possible - no matter what comes your way on the big day

Gentlebirth classes are not just for couples planning an unmedicated birth but rather preparation for the birth you want, whatever your preferences may be. Building confidence in your mental and emotional resilience is learned and improves with instruction and practice. Understanding your options for navigating your birth preferences allows you to feel calm and in control. Learning advanced comfort measures and having a full toolkit of strategies is important for you and your partner. We discuss induction of labour, the stages of labour, how to cope with pain using hypnosis and mindfulness, how to stay home longer, when to go to the hospital, using the bath, ball, epidural and other comfort measures, how to breath well for the labour and the use of the winner flow.

Who is it for? Expectant mums and partners/birthing partners. Bairbre tailors the workshops to suit the small virtual group so that the weekend workshop works well as a refresher course for parents or the perfect space for preparing for your first experience. 
Who runs it? Bairbre Brooke, qualified Doula and expert trauma release expert, with 10+ years experience working with expectant mums and partners.
Where is it held? The class will take place in Spiddal, Co Galway, H91EWX7
When is it? The last weekend of every month.
How long is it? The workshop starts at 9.30 to 6pm with a lunch break from 12.30-1.30.
Where does it take place? Bairbre runs GentleBirth workshops  on the last weekend of every month.
How much is it? The weekend workshops cost €250 per couple or expectant mum and includes a winner flow device. 

Find out more about Winner Flow devices and how they help during labour HERE

One Day  GentleBirth Workshops

GentleBirth Workshop
Birth after Cesarean

Birth after Cesarean (VBAC)

Mums who have had a previous Cesarean section can avail of a tailored Birth After Cesarean workshop which covers the latest evidence based information on birth options after a Cesarean and helps you to decide if VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean) or a repeat Cesarean birth is the right decision for you. 

This workshop is three hours long. The information provided is unique to mothers who have had a previous Cesarean (or two). 
We discuss current research findings and recommendations. When is a Cesarean section absolutely necessary? We also cover Informed decision making for a positive VBAC or Cesarean, monitoring your baby during your birth after cesarean, pain relief, going over due, induction of labour following a previous cesarean, staying at home till active labour and formulating birth preferences for your birth. There is also an opportunity to debrief your previous experience if desired.

Birth After Cesarean Classes

When? First Saturday of every month from 10am-1pm online

Where? Group class on zoom

How much? €95 per couple or expectant mum

Cesarean Preparation

Cesarean Preparation

Preparing for any kind of surgery can be stressful.  Understanding what happens on the day will go a long way in helping you feel more confident and relaxed. There are times when a cesarean is the safest way for a baby to be born but thoughts about surgery often generate anxiety in the weeks and months leading up to it. Being fully informed and prepared for a cesarean means you can look forward with excitement and control to the birth of your baby. You can create a positive expectancy for your cesarean with the Positive Cesarean preparation class. 

Included in the class are topics such as: 
The history of Cesarean, What happens during a Cesarean, Consent, Fasting, The birth Partners role, Anesthesia, Medications used,  Skin to Skin, Breast feeding after a Cesarean and how to stay comfortable following a Cesarean. 

This is a private session

How long? 2 hour private session with Bairbre Brooke. Get in touch with us to book a time that suits.

How much? €95

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