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Birth Trauma Support

You will most likely have heard of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) when hearing about soldiers returning from war or people who have suffered from terrorist attacks, violent assaults or serious accidents. You may not necessarily have heard of it before as a consequence of a traumatic birth experience – Post Natal PTSD. Awareness of birth trauma is growing however, and what is becoming clear today is that it isn’t just a life-threatening birth that can cause birth trauma. For many women, other factors (during a normal birth) such as loss of control, loss of privacy or dignity, attitudes of the people around them, feelings of not being heard or being made to feel invisible, lack of information or explanation, or non-consensual medical procedures can also cause birth trauma.
It is also evident that women who have a history of abuse or have experienced previous traumatic situations of any kind are at greater risk of experiencing birth trauma symptoms following birth.

Birth Debrief

Birth Debrief

Birth can be complex and leave you feeling like you need to have your story heard. Even when things seem to have gone really well you can be left with feeling that something is missing. Sometimes after giving birth women feel the need to discuss the way things played out. Having a chance to talk through your birth and reflect on the events of the most important event in yours and your baby's life can help make sense of feelings and move forward particularly after a traumatic event. Birth debrief can be done via Zoom or in person with a qualified birth trauma resolution therapist with 10 years experience working with pregnant birthing women.