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Winner Flow Devices

& how they help during labour

Winner Flow Devices & Labour

At each contraction the parturient breathes in deeply and then breathes out into the Winner Flow. This exhalation, acting on the transverse abdominal muscles, induces pressure behind the baby helping its descent and delivery.

In the dilation phase: It is a relaxing support, possibly pain-relieving and non-medicinal, helps with a rapid dilation due to greater stress on the uterine neck and enhances foetal engagement and improves presentation.

During the delivery phase: improves oxygenation of the mother and foetus, reduces tearing and need for episiotomy, reduces the use of forceps or vacuum extraction and makes delivery easier.

Bairbre runs GentleBirth classes for expectant parents & partners online on the last weekend of every month on a Saturday 9.30am-1.30pm and Sunday 10am-2pm.

When you book into a GentleBirth class with Bairbre, you will receive your very own winner flow device. 

Find out more about GentleBirth online classes HERE

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