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Mother and baby in autumn

Birth Support

& Healing

When you need it most

With qualified doula and trauma release expert Bairbre Brooke based in Galway, Ireland

As seen on TG4

Bairbre Brooke was invited by TG4 to take part in their renowned four part series called 'Turas Clainne are TG4'. This stunning series met with families who share their intimate experiences with fertility struggle, surrogacy, miscarriage and post-natal depression. 


The series brings to the forefront the struggles many mothers experience following the birth of their children. Filmed in the beautifully natural surroundings of Naduir in Furbo, the viewer gets an insight into Bairbre's unique Birth Trauma Support process.

If you can relate in anyway to this client's experience, feel free to pick up the phone or book in for a coffee chat with Bairbre Brooke.

Candy Cotton
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Support when you need it ...

Bairbre Brooke is a qualified Doula based in Galway, the West of Ireland. Bairbre is passionate about supporting mothers to feel empowered as they welcome a new family member into the world.


Often women are anxious or even frightened about childbirth, but professional birth support can help you have a more positive birthing experience, where you get to have the birth you want for you and your baby, more relaxed, confident, natural and with less pain and stress.


The more knowledge we have about the process of birth the more relaxed we feel. Bairbre will be available to aid you with any questions you may have in the lead up to the birth, as well as assisting you on the day itself (in your home and in the hospital) with many techniques such as massage and relaxation techniques.

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Mother and Baby

Birth Support & Healing



Bairbre Brooke


I have supported pregnant women and new moms as a professional Birth Doula since 2000. Based in Galway, I provide moms with the emotional and physical support they need in order to have a gentle birthing experience. With Birth Support with Bairbre Brooke you can rest assured that everything will be taken care of. I approach birth holistically, and I feel honored to be able to share years of expertise with women and their families around Galway. Simply get in touch to get started.


the brand

Bairbre Brooke lives in Spiddal in the heart of Connemara in the West of Ireland. Surrounded by nature, Bairbre feels most inspired when outdoors and especially among trees. The Birth Support logo derives from the family tree and Bairbre's belief that family is the cornerstone of everything. Families come in many forms and are viewed as a nurturing support system in many cultures. 

The roots and trunk represent Bairbre's strong roots and expertise in her vocation, while the outstretched arms represent the supportive environment that clients experience while working with Bairbre.

Antenatal Workshops

  • GentleBirth Workshops

  • Birth after Cesarean

  • Cesarean Preparation

Doula Support

  • Birth Doula Support

  • Post Partum Support

  • Breastfeeding Support

Birth Trauma Support

  • Birth Debrief

  • Birth Trauma Resolution

  • Birth Trauma Support Group

Birth and Healing Support Services

Bairbre Brooke specialises in the following areas

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